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Репортажи о "Kharkiv Trail"- первом старте серии "Kharkiv Grand Prix" 2015

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Ukraine Sport Events - specifically designed to provide easy online registration for sport events, which will take place not only in Kharkiv city, but also throughout Ukraine.

Information about the events that are planned in the nearest future can be found in the "Events", detailing the date, time, place, purpose and objectives of the planned sport events in the city and in our country. On-line results of past events are available in the "Results section". The “News” section highlights the latest changes, news and reports about future events.

Also we provide you with registration on seminars, workshops and other meetings of our organizing team Kharkiv Sport Event, dedicated to the sport and active leisure in the city!

Upcoming Events

  • Competitions will be held on 30-th of April 2017 in the heart of the largest city of eastern part of Ukraine - Kharkiv.
    Kharkiv International Marathon 2017
    Participants: 1738
  • Bukovel Cycling Raceis a competition organized by the Bukovel resort to held on 20 of May 2017. Race consists of 2 distances: 40 km and 90 km.
    Bukovel Cycling Race
    Participants: 23
  • Bukovel Sprint Triathlon Cup is the highest mountain competitions to be held on 27 of May 2017 on the territory of Bukovel resort.
    Bukovel Sprint Triathlon Cup
    Participants: 47
  • This year the skyrunning event Chornohora Sky Marathon will be held for the third time in Ukraine!
    Chornohora Sky Marathon 2017
    Participants: 81
  • Bukovel Mountain UltraSwim is the swimming competitions to be held on 2 of September 2017 on the Youth Lake, which is 950 m above the sea level, which consists of 2 distances:
Iron - 3860 m 
1/2 Iron - 1930 m
    Bukovel Mountain UltraSwim
    Participants: 15
  • Bukovel Olympic Triathlon Cup is the highest mountain triathlon to be held on 9 of September 2017 on the territory of the Bukovel resort.
    Bukovel Olympic Triathlon Cup
    Participants: 10
  • Bukovel Endurance Ultratrail is a race among men and women organised by the Bukovel resort and Endurance School to be held on 16-17 of September 2017.
    Bukovel Endurance 55 KM Trail
    Participants: 12
  • Bukovel ½ Iron Triathlon will become the final one in a triathlon test in Bukovel in 2017. The competition is to be held on 30 of September 2017 on the territory of the Bukovel resort.
    Bukovel ½ Iron Triathlon
    Participants: 20


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