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Information about the events that are planned in the nearest future can be found in the "Events", detailing the date, time, place, purpose and objectives of the planned sport events in the city and in our country. On-line results of past events are available in the "Results section". The “News” section highlights the latest changes, news and reports about future events.

Also we provide you with registration on seminars, workshops and other meetings of our organizing team Kharkiv Sport Event, dedicated to the sport and active leisure in the city!

Upcoming Events

  • March 24 in Kharkov will be the third Kharkov half-marathon. A new route in the center of the city (Nauki Ave.). 2 courses to choose from - a classic half marathon (21,097 km) and 5 km.
    Kharkiv Half Marathon 2019
    Participants: 542
  • The sixth marathon will be held in 2019 on April 14 in the very center of the largest city of the eastern part of Ukraine - Kharkov.

Within the framework of the 6th Kharkov International Marathon, races will be held at the distance: 42 km 195 m, 10 km, mini-marathon (4,2195 km) and relay race.
    ZHYTLOBUD-1 Kharkiv International Marathon...
    Participants: 1673


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